This gallery is a mono tone gallery.  The images in this gallery would be what I would refer to as my "Fine Art" images.  Sepia tone is normally my preferred expression of mono tone images.  I enjoy the effect of mono tone and the differences messages which are conveyed by the removal of the color.  There are, in many cases, images which others will feel are better represented in color... this is the case with art.  Those of you familiar with my gallery and my photography will know that I only shoot digital.  All images have been initially created in color and then edited on the computer to mono tone and then sepia.  Enjoy.

Future galleries on this site are planned to be made up of mono images taken from different galleries on the site.  I normally shoot two or three different additions to the site per month, however, some months there are more.  For example Cambodia or Canada below represent an extensive photo shoot and have a specific "Fine Art" gallery which is associated with that particular section.






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Photos copyright Ron Hayes.

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All photos on the following pages are the property of Ron Hayes and require permission to be used, edited or saved in any way, for pleasure or for profit. Photos taken before Oct/03 were taken with an Olympus C2100 Digital camera.  Photos after Oct/03 are mostly taken with a Canon EOS 300 Digital SLR.  As of June 2006 my main camera is a Canon 30D SLR.