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Nathan David Hayes

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Username: ronhayes 

Password: nathan

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Ron's Work Schedule (Published for the traveling and the interested. :) )

This will display a rolling year.

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This gallery is to track photo sales.

It will show all of my photo sales.  Not showing any financial details just for the curious to see which photos and how many are selling.

last update: Oct. 25, 2007


This gallery is for my education.  It is showing the photos which I have taken and chosen for each of the specific photo assignments. last photo added: 30/06/05

This page shows some fun photos taken on our last few fishing trips.

last photo added: 10/15/2003


The many faces of Scott.


last photo added: 10/15/2003



Special Events.

last edited: 10/15/2003


last photo added: 10/15/2003

These are general pictures of family and friends.  Many photos are here as they do not have there own page.

last photo added: 10/15/2003


Pictures of us traveling.


last photo added: 10/15/2003

Some photos taken of Sasha during her Rowing Rigatta.

last photo added: 11/11/2003

Pictures of taken mostly by Sasha, at Rich's Wedding

last photo added: 11/30/2003


A few picies taken at Cormans during the summer of 03.

last photo added: 11/11/2003


A few images from Mom's trip to Hong Kong in Dec. 2003.  Mom came out to see us for Christmas.

last photo added: 12/28/2003

Here are a few images from our trip in February... Singapore and Phuket Thailand.

last photo added: 04/24/2004


These images were taken on a day hiking trip with our friends in Hong Kong, Nigel and Sandra.  Good Hike...

last photo added: 04/24/2004


These are just three images which are great fun from one of our day trips to Ocean Park.

last photo added: 04/24/2004


Here are some photos and a quick video of my first day landing the Boeing 777.  Fun, Fun, Fun.  The video is a windows media format.  This was our base training day.

last photo added: 06/03/2004


Here are some photos which were taken on a Sunday hike in discovery bay up behind our flat.  The photos of me Sasha took with my SLR camera... she is becoming quite handy with the photo gear.

last photo added: 11/24/2004


This gallery is from our most recent trip to Cambodia.  We visited the Angkor Temples in February of 2005.  The photos displayed here are of us in our travels, I hope you enjoy the photos.  The other photos are on the main site, here: Cambodia

last photo added: 09/03/2005


This is the photo contest gallery.  The photo gallery images and competition has been put on hold while I concentrate on my upgrade course. 

last photo added: 03/09/2004